What Our Clients Say

We are so lucky to have such a beautiful cat. You have adorable kittens. Thank you for good customer service and your recommendations on how to care for the cat.

Kirstin Everton / NY


“Beautiful kittens. It was a great experience to get one. The host is a trustworthy professional breeder who knows what they are doing, will answer all your questions, and will help you choose the right kitten.”

Jane Morgan / CA


“I am happy that I found Kate; the kitten we picked is incredibly cute and funny. We loved her. We never had any accidents using a litter box from the first day we brought him home. He is fantastic and loving and gets along with children, cats, and dogs.”

Kimberly Mason / CO


“So happy with my new kitten! I have a Scottish straight at home and figured she needed a new friend, so I came across this page. I recommend it to anyone looking for a Munchkin Cat or Scottish Fold! Best decision I’ve made!”

John Ortiz / NC


“I contacted Munchkin Cat Cattery when my mom’s munchkin kitten passed away. At the time, there were no kittens available. Months later, he reached out to me with the beautiful baby I have now! I am beyond happy with him. Communication, pricing, transfer, everything was so straightforward.”

Jenny Altland / PA